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Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library

Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library Facts

The Women's Library Club of Lovell was organized in 1899 and was incorporated two years later, in 1901. There first library building opened its doors in 1908, though at that point it was simply called the Lovell Pubic Library. The name of the institution was changed to the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library after her death in 1969.

The library: makes printed, audio, and digital information and literature available to meet the needs of the Greater Lovell area, serves as an educational and cultural center for a population of many different ages and interests, sponsors regular public programs, and provides a technology-rich gateway to the global information network.

The Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library's catalog consists of over 17,000 volumes as of last count. The library also has over 450 audiobooks as well as approximately 900 DVD and VHS videos.

In 1906 a fire burned down the American House, which had been a focal point and meeting place for the Lovell community. Following the buildings' destruction the Women's Library Club of Lovell bought the plot for $450 and subsequently began raising funds for a library building. In 1908 the Lovell Public Library opened its doors. Following the death of Charlotte Hobbs in 1969 the library was renamed in her honor, becoming the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library. She left money in her estate to the institution, and by 1975 the renovations and addition that the gift had allowed for were completed.

The Library has a newsletter, which contains all relevant and upcoming events and programs.